Heart Touching Poem On Girl In English | Why You Made The Girl cry

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बालिका वधू कभी पसंद नहीं था,घर में कोई नहीं देखता था, पर जाने कब से आ रहा है, टीवी पर आता था तो चैनल बदलते हुए दिख ही जाता था, कभी-कभी न्यूज में भी. अभी प्रत्यूषा बनर्जी की सुसाइड की खबर मिली. अब बुरा लग रहा है. माने इतना तो आदमी नाम जानने ही लगता है टीवी वालों का. सुसाइड नहीं करना चाहिए, किसी को. आप लोग भी बस खुश रहा कीजिए. जहर मत पालिए. किसी चीज का. दूसरे से भी अच्छा व्यवहार कीजिए. दुनिया को अच्छा बनाइए. जहां सबका जीने का जी करे.



A Small Little Girl Born In The Family,
Family So Happy They Named Her Emily ;

Little Sunshine Girl Grew Up So Big,
Spreading Love And Happiness And Prosperity Indeed ;

One Day During The Play, Finding The Garden Of Love,
The Garden Embraced Her With Flowers And Dove ;

Hopping She Went Into The Bushes Of Flowers,
Happiness She Felt With The Fragrance & Colours ;

Came The Little Thing Flying Down From Above,
Sat On Her Shoulder Spreading Wings Curved ;

Introduced The Little Thing As A ‘Butterfly’,
The Butterfly Saw Smiling Eyes ;

Together They Bonded And Shared Everything,
Touch Was The Only Thing That The Butterfly Wasn’t Keen ;

The Girl Grew Bigger Stepping The Concrete Field,
Distances Made The Little Friend To Stay In The Green ;

The Life Became Tough, The People Were Confusing,
The Roads Were Bad And Totally Misleading ;

Bold Became The Girl & Dared To Dream,
For Everything Tough, She Applied A Cream ;

She Was Power, She Was Light,
She Was A Gods Bright Happy Sight ;

Then One Sudden Day,
Came Evil Hands From No Where,
Touched Her, Ravished Her, Robbed Off Her Soul,
Giving Her Fear, Pain And Tear ;

Shaken By The Event, The Girl Became Numb,
Came In The Family Only ‘Why’ They Sung ;

Silence Was The Answer, Tears Could Only Run,
Mad She Would Become By Touch & Sum ;

In The Dark Night,
Cried Cried The Girl,
The Cry Reached The Sky,
Rains Started Coming & The Oceans Came Flooding ;

It Shook The World & The Little Fly,
Came The Little Thing Flying, The Friend, The Butterfly ;

Flying Down, The Little Friend Came From Above,
Sat On Her Shoulders Spreading Wings Curved ;

The Butterfly Asked, Asked Her Why,
It Only Saw Tears Flowing Down Her Eyes ;

The Little Friend Understood, Understood The Cry,
It Brought Tears In The Small Little Eyes ;

Stretching Out The Hands, It Made A Gesture,
The Butterfly Gave A Life By Warmly Touching Her.

Paresh Manoj Shinde